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Our sprint simulations are for educational and entertainment purposes, and while they aim to approximate real-world scenarios, they may not reflect precise athlete performance

How it works

Sprint simulator is a website that predicts how famous athletes at their prime would perform in a 100m sprint. We do this by exploring various factors that influence good performance in this event - a sprinter's technique, previous performance at their sport, physical attributes, explosiveness, etc.

By keeping all our figures based on real world data, we arrive at a final sprint time that is consistent with those that you would find on EA games such as FIFA, NBA and Madden. By following this method, we aim to keep all our values as realistic and reflective of real world scenarios as possible.

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    Create a curated selection of upto 5 contestants that you would like to see in your simulated 100m race. Pick from the 3 cards seen above :. This could be any mix of animals, famous athletes and custom contestants :)

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    Ever wondered what you would look like in a 100m race alongside world class athletes ? This feature allows you to create a custom contestant based on your physical profile. Figures are based on broad averages for that specific data set.

    It is important to remember that there are outliers, and it is possible to go faster (or slower) with consistent training, time and patience.

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    Once you have selected upto 5 contestants, you may begin a race by clicking proceed to simulation >. Once you have done this, you will see the race setting similar to the image above. Click start to begin the race! Use the 3 buttons at the top of the screen if you wish to restart <<,Pause or fast forward>> to the end of the race.

Complexities of estimation

Estimating an athlete's performance in a 100m race presents a formidable challenge, primarily because the skills and attributes required for success in sports like basketball, soccer, American football, etc, differ significantly from those demanded by a sprint of pure speed. While an athlete's prowess in their chosen sport showcases their agility, strategy, and team dynamics, these attributes may not necessarily translate seamlessly into the explosiveness and form required for a 100m dash.

Moreover, factors such as varying playing surfaces, team dynamics, and equipment differences across different sports further complicate the direct application of performance data. Estimating a 100m race outcome necessitates a deeper exploration of an athlete's unique sprinting abilities, physique, and specialized training, as the transition from the field to the track is far from straightforward. It's a puzzle where the pieces don't always align, making accurate predictions a riveting yet intricate pursuit.

How we estimate

Addressing the challenge of accurately estimating an athlete's performance in a 100m race involves a multifaceted approach, combining traditional sprinting analysis with innovative data-driven methodologies. Incorporating research and leveraging existing sports data, such as recorded speeds in FIFA, Madden, NBA, or the 40-yard dash for NFL players, provides a foundation for estimation.

We utilize these datasets and adjust for the specific demands of a 100m sprint to produce and calibrate a predictive model that offers valuable insights into an athlete's potential sprint time. Constant fine-tuning ensures a more precise estimation.


Step into the exhilarating world of our 100m race simulator, where we ignite your imagination with head-to-head battles such as Bolt vs. Cheetah, Messi vs Ronaldo, Mbappe vs Haaland, creating a a platform for entertainment through imagination. Our simulator allows you to witness these epic contests, visualize the limits of human and animal speed, and even ponder timeless questions like 'Who's faster, Lebrom or Jordan?' Whether you're a sports aficionado, a sprinting enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of competitive racing, our platform delivers an immersive experience that lets you be the judge.

We are actively working to create better, more immersive and realistic simulations. Feel free to leave some feedback too!

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As we are actively working to improve our predictive model, expand the list of athletes and bring in more exciting features to our users, we ask for any feedback that could help us achieve this!

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